7 comments on “There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a prostitutes tears…

  1. I’m glad more people are talking about this. All humor aside, it was estimated that 12.4 million people are sold into sex-slave trade and all we see is the glamor/humor in it, but some of these people are as young as 3 & 4, it’s rather disgusting.
    And if I can’t find humor in a subject, that means it’s REALLY fucking bad.

    • I know what you mean, I crack myself at the disabled but very little humour in this. The biggest problem is that our more “conservative” counterparts would rather condemn the person than the sin. So they have very little sources of conventional protection.
      Especially in Africa, South-Africa is better, but not by much…

  2. Sho, now you really put me in a bad spot here because I really dont want to be an asshole at this point, you know – I didn’t wake up this morning and think to myself, “you know what, I am going be an asshole today, yeah!”

    But honestly, you leave me no choice, your writing is terrible – and I dont mean terrible in some sort of academically pedantic sense in that “yo, you put your comma in the wrong place and mispelt mispelled, yo” but as in your actual sentence construction is ugly and broken as hell. Half of the time I had to take a little break and interpret what exactly it was that you were trying to say.

    With that said, you utterly failed to convey the plight of prostitutes to anyone not already familiar with their plight, and if you were the one advertising this blog on news 24, cut it out, it really is just terribly rude inviting people to read terrible writing.

    • Thank you for your opinion Joe and no, I didn’t post it to News24. Now I need to apologize for not giving your opinion a second thought and rather finding it complementary that someone enjoyed it enough to post it for others to read on News24.

    • LOL I don’t think you should insult someone’s writing if you say “yo” every two seconds… Also, you started off with “sho”, which is also not a real word…

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