14 comments on “What the F*** is wrong with you people!!!

  1. Cause writing blogs about drug use in filthy toilets are much better topics than stuff that actually matter..

      • Also you are a hell of a lot more amusing than all the bad news bull crap above mentioned whine about 😉

        I’d rather spend time laughing at theHenkie in a filthy toilet than listen to any of the current flock of pseudo-intellectuals who are under the impression their topics ‘matter’ more.

        Thanks for another fun one Mr. H,

        Yours in fond memory,
        The SVG

    • You’re all defending ‘talking about drug use in toilets’? Well done, I’m sure you’ll make the earth a better place for all future generations. Whatever. I’m outta here.

      • Uhmmm Chantal, your arguing the intro, which was a statement of the past. It has very little to do with the crux of the piece…

      • uhmm no, I am commenting on everyone’s comments thereafter which are based around defending that one statement. Nothing else on this blog actually seems to be based around any real fact or research done. But whatever. who cares right?

      • Ok, all the points made are actually researched and factual, the reference to drugs were done to set pace and feel of the article. If you actually have any valid points to discuss contact me directly and we can discuss it at length 🙂

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